Monday, October 30, 2006

Changing Time

This past weekend the time changed. Did it happen or not? I couldn't find any evidence to support it. I was pretty sure that the time change occured around Halloween. Since Halloween is on Tuesday this year, I was sort of sure that this change must be over the weekend. But what if the change was put off til next weekend? I grew up down state. When I was a kid, the little towns around us just picked their own times for the time change. Some would go forward, some would stay the same. Then someone decided that we needed to be more uniform. Now we all "fall back". I used to think that we lost time. But people keep telling me that we gain an hour. I don't know how we gain anything when I still get up late and have to hurry to work. As my grandfather used to say, I get up in the dark, I go to bed in the dark, it doesn't make much difference to me. So, I guess it doesn't much matter that half of my clocks have the old time on them. At least I'll be ready for the next change.

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