Monday, October 02, 2006

Flights of the Monarch: Landing Five

Ciao! And welcome back for the FIFTH Flight of the Monarch. I hope all of you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with muchas fiestas!

For this review I read...

1. The Tale of Tricky Fox: A New England Trickster Tale by Jim Aylesworth
This book is both written and illustrated in an old 1910s-style storybook. The story has a few morals laced within its pages and causes a few giggles too. A fun read that can remind older audience members of their favorite storybooks from when they were kids.
RATING: Caterpillar
* What are your parents or grandparents favorite stories from their childhood?

2. Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen by Marissa Moss
What a great story, and it's true too! When I began reading this book I thought to myself, "Get out... is this true?" I read the coverlet and saw that it WAS a true story. Amazing. This story gives hope and confidence to, not just girls, but all people who have a dream. Anything is possible.
RATING: Monarch
* What is your dream?

3. Bebe Goes Shopping by Susan Middleton Elya
Such a cute story and great illustrations to go with it. We follow Bebe and Mama through a trip at the grocery store and see what kind of trouble the wee bebe gets into... even though bebe is stuck in the cart ; )
RATING: Thumbs Up
* Do you like to go places with your Mom or Dad? Where is your favorite?

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For the next review, I will be reading...
1. What do you do with a tail like this? by Steve Jenkins
2. Clever Beatrice: An Upper Peninsula Conte by Margaret Willey
3. Snapshots from the Wedding by Gary Soto

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Today's Greeting and Goodbye are in Italian.

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