Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Personal Collections

Do you have a collection you'd like to show off? LPL is always looking for something new to display in our glass cases to share with our patrons. Some of the previous collections on display in the Youth Services Department have been race cars, Care Bears, Disney Princesses, model airplanes, miniature doll houses and even Pez dispensers! All you have to do is call, email or stop in and leave a brief descrpition of your collection and we will keep it on file. When we think it's a good time to display it, you can come in and set it up, lock the case and let it be admired! We usually change the display every month and try to coordinate it with whatever is going on in the library at that time. Some upcoming events: Black History month in Feb., Dr. Seuss night in March and our summer reading program Mission Read: To the Library and Beyond!

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