Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Sea of Monsters

I found this book by mistake. Actually, I was looking for something else and the title caught my eye. The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan, intrigued me from first glance. I love the cover. But that's just the start of finding a great book to read. The real test is the first page. If the author doesn't catch me with the first page, then I won't read the book. And the first page is all about nightmares and a friend who happens to be a satyr. What more could you want? It gets better. The kid who is telling the story is a child of the sea god, Poseidon. Percy Jackson is a half-blood. He's half mortal and half god. And all he wants is to go back to camp Half-Blood for the summer. That's the beginning of a great adventure. This is actually the second book in the series. This has happened more than once to me. I find a great book, but it's the second or third one in the series. Well, don't let that stop you from reading it. You can go back and read the first one later. I intend to do just that.

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