Friday, February 09, 2007


Epossumondas Saves the Day, written by Coleen Salley and illustrated by Janet Stevens is an explosion of color, wit and creativity. Epossumondas is a little possum who seems to get himself into all kinds of predicaments. This is the third book about Epossumondas that I have read. And currently it is my favorite. Epossumondas is going to celebrate his birthday but first his mama needs some "sody sallyraytus" to make a special shortcake. And that's how the story starts. We meet a nasty snapping turtle, Epossumondas' friend: Baby Gator, and a store clerk: Mr. Leslie. They all have a part in this tale about going to the store to buy sody sallyraytus to make the birthday shortcake. If you have read any of the other books about Epossumondas you will absolutely want to read this one too. The story is funny. Not just "funny", but laugh out loud funny. And the pictures fill the page with color and movement and galumping and stomping aunties and mama's. It's a great book to read out loud to a group of kids. And a wonderful book to share with that one special kid too.

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