Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The story of Mr. March

If someone were to write a story about the month of March, March would probably be a very moody man. Like the month, he would blow hot and cold; maybe he would have a big beard to keep his face warm in the late winter gales, but have a penchant for Hawaiian shirts because he liked to dress for the coming spring. He would like hot cocoa on cold days and iced tea on warm weekends. He would go out and start digging in his garden too early, and then when there was a March snowstorm, he would get impatient and stomp his feet and go indoors.

Maybe he would call his friend (Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone, March 7, 1876), and ask to borrow a pair of earmuffs for the cold (Chester Greenwood patented earmuffs, March 13, 1773). But before walking to his friend's house, he would realize that his pants were all dirty from stomping in his garden. So he would ask his wife to wash them (Nathaniel Briggs patented the washing machine, March 28, 1797 (!!). She would remind him that washing machines are really easy to operate and she would hand him instructions that she had written just for him (Hyman Lipman patented the pencil with eraser attached, March 30, 1858). Mr. March would say "oh ALL RIGHT," and then he would do a whole load of laundry just to be nice, and by the time his pants were clean the March weather would have changed, and he would call his friend to say he wouldn't be needing those earmuffs after all. He might even say,

"Happy March!"

Exploring Spring, by Sandra Markle
My Spring Robin, by Anne Rockwell
Why Won't Winter Go? by Lissa McLaughlin

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