Thursday, July 05, 2007

Books by David Wiesner

I love David Wiesner's books for two reasons. The pictures are awesome, and for the most part there are not so many words. As you may know, I love pictures books. And Wiesner's books have some of the most imaginative stories and pictures that I have ever seen. In the book June 29, 1999, the vegetable seedlings that have been launched into the sky grow to enormous sizes. Or do they? The ending of this book is a great laugh- out-loud surprise. In the book Tuesday, around 8 0'clock the frogs start to hover and fly around town on their lilly pads. This book is a great one to read to a little kid because there are not many words and they can make up their own story as you go along. And the pictures of the frogs, warts and all are totally worth the price of the book. I have given away many copies of Tuesday to family and friends. Sector 7 has no words at all, and conveys a very important message about friendship, imagination, and ecology. In Flotsam, it is apparent that Wiesner has become one of the best non-verbal story tellers around. The colors , the perspective of the pictures, the detail, and layout are wonderful. Right now, this one is my favorite book by him. But, I also have to say that Tuesday will always be the one I love the best.

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