Friday, August 31, 2007

Colin Thompson

Most of you already know that I'm a big lover of picture books. I'm usually attracted to a book by it's cover first. The story is secondary. However, when a book has a great cover and a great story, I'm in a book lovers heaven that only true book lovers understand. Colin Thompson is a writer and illustrator. I love his books. The latest one that I found in the library is How to Live Forever. The pictures are so detailed and so much fun to look at, that they tell a story of their own. This book contains worlds within worlds. There are little people living in this book. And there is a boy on a quest to find the book about living forever. When he gets to the end (or beginning) he has some surprising decisions to make. And when I got to the end I wanted to read it all over again. This is a book that I'm going to add to my own collection , then I can read it whenever I want.

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