Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall Storytimes

This time of year, families start thinking about new school supplies ($$$), new school clothes ($$$), book or bus fees ($$$) and waking up early every morning. The Lansing Public Library has a program that is free and your child will want to return every time: Storytime. Children are never too young to enjoy a good book and the warm, loving feeling they get while being read to and sitting on a loved one's lap.

Baby Talk, Mondays, sign-up required
10:30 birth-12 months
11:30 13-24 months
*Note: During Week 2 only, storytimes scheduled for Monday September 17th will meet on
Tuesday, September 18th at the usual times.

Baby Talk, Wednesdays, sign-up required
11:30 13-24 months

Toddler, Thursdays, sign-up required
10:30 24-36 months

Pre-School, Thursdays, sign-up requested
11:30 3-5 year olds

Please call or visit the library the week of August 27th (708, 474-2447) to sign-up your child. Storytime sessions begin the week of September 9th and end the week of October 18th.

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