Saturday, August 04, 2007

Harry Potter

It's hard to believe that Harry Potter is all over. I just finished the last book, and I have to tell you, I still want to know things about Harry. For me it isn't over quite yet. I read the last book as fast as I could. I didn't want anyone to tell me what was in it. I didn't want anyone to ruin my fun. Now that I'm done, I can't believe it's all over. I want more. Seven books aren't enough for me. I think that 9 or 12 is a better number of books for the series. Ya know? Maybe one just about all those other Hogwarts students. I even thought about reading the last one twice, but then I thought it was too soon to do that. So, I'm reading them all again. This time I won't have to wait for the next one to come out, because I have the next one already. I just finished the first one. And I discovered that I had forgotten a lot of things that happened in that book. So, for those of you who haven't gotten enough yet, or those of you who want a little more, I suggest that you go back and read them again. You can't go wrong. And you just may learn something that you didn't "get" the first time. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling is a wonderful series to read again and again.

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