Saturday, October 27, 2007

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett is one of the funniest, freshest, authors I have read. He can be found in the adult section of the library, usually under science-fiction or fantasy. Currently, I am reading the book titled The Truth. It's about turning lead into gold, printing the word or not printing, and making words out of little letters. As usual, Terry has a lot to say along the way about our civilization, or lack there of. He makes you think about things. Last week I read Carpe Jugulum.
It's about seizing the throat, not the day. And we get a healthy dose of (not) religion along the way. I think he's really a philosopher in disguise, but don't quote me. Read him for yourself. Then you can make up your own mind. Let me know what you think about Pratchett.

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