Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks

Yesterday, when I was driving around looking for an open food place, I really began to think about Thanksgiving. Every year I tell myself to remember that most places will be closed. And every year I forget. So, yesterday, when all the stores were closed, except White Hen and the Walgreen's (on every corner), I decided to count my blessings. Every place I passed was lit up on the outside but clearly closed. It got kind of spooky when all the places I passed, that I can usually go into, were closed. But then I got to thinking about how it was maybe the only day in the year when most people are home with their families. We celebrate labor day and memorial day and everything is still open. On Christmas and New Years day stores have big sales. Even on Sundays, stores are now open almost all day. So, I think that even though I ended up with a turkey sandwich from the White Hen, ( and it was a great sandwich) it was a good thing that the stores were closed. We need to be shut down completely from time to time. It makes you think about what's really important and what we really need to give thanks for. So, my list now includes all the grocery stores that are open at odd times. We have become so instant , so 24-7, that we need to stop and think and thank our lucky stars that stores can be open as much as they are. And that we can shop mostly whenever we want to. And that the stuff seems to be endless that we can buy. Yes, we need to be grateful for all of that. As well as our usual list that includes our friends and family that we love and can't do without.

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