Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Edward's Eyes

Like most people, I usually read the inside or back cover of a book to see what it's about and decide if I want to read it. Sometimes I even read the first page then decide if it's worth checking out. Not this time. With Edward's Eyes I jumped in and hoped I would be rewarded with a good story. Maybe it was the best selling, award winning author, Patricia MacLachlan, that I trusted would not disappoint me. Or it could have been the cover photo of a young boy looking up happily, expectantly with an open baseball glove on his hand, that drew me in. I wanted to find out what put that smile on his face and by page 10 I would learn that Edward is one of those rare individuals who is just born happy, finds goodness all around him and easily shares it with others. Edward's Eyes is a moving story about a growing family that learns some gifts live on and on.

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