Thursday, January 31, 2008

Do Unto Otters

Do Unto Otters ( a book about manners) by Laurie Keller, asks and answers the age old question about how you want to be treated. This is the golden rule otter style. The otter family moves next door to a rabbit. The rabbit is quite upset. What if they don't get along, what if they don't like each other? He doesn't know anything about otters. He doesn't know how to behave around otters. A wise old owl asks the rabbit how he would want to be treated. This is the beginning to a delightful book about manners for children of all ages. The rabbit talks about what is important to him. He wants the otters to be polite and friendly and honest with him. He hopes that they won't be mean to him or tease him for being who he is. He hopes that they will forgive him when he is wrong. This little book is packed with great little lessons. This is a great book to read with your older kids. It has a lot to say in a not preachy way. And the punch line made me laugh out loud. I'm adding this one to my collection for storytime.

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