Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where I Live

Do you love where you live? Your house? Your neighborhood? Have you ever thought about how you would feel if you had to move? Where I Live by Eileen Spinelli is the sweet story of young Diana who has to move to a new home and must learn to say good bye and hello all at once. This book is written in simple, childlike verse as Diana's diary which makes it a quick and easy read. You'll come to know and care about Diana as well as her family, her friends and her house and will find yourself wanting to know more. After you finish this one, you'll want to check out more books by Eileen Spinelli. You'll also love the illustrations by Matt Phelan in this book. The expressive pencil drawings truly match the verse and I found myself studying each drawing and wishing I could convey so much with just a few strokes the way he does.


matt said...

Thank you for the review, Rebecca! Here's a fun fact: while illustrating the book, I thought a lot about how my own family moved when I was ten years old. Coincidentally, we moved from the same neighborhood that Eileen Spinelli grew up in. And although it was a few years apart, we both spent many hours at the very same library when we were kids.

Keep reading, everybody!


Eileen said...

Little did I know when I began writing WHERE I LIVE that by the time it came out we'd be moving!
It took some time --but finally we are feeling "home" at the new place.
What I most miss about our former home is my herb garden.
What I most love about this home is that I can walk to the library...only three blocks away!