Saturday, February 02, 2008

If You Listen

I decided I wanted to share a story about love in this blog entry so I went looking for love! It wasn't hard to find it here in the Youth Services Department, we have lots of books about all kinds of love. I rediscovered a few old favorites I read to my kids when they were small and I also found a new treasure. If You Listen is not your usual love story. It starts with the question "How do you know if someone far away is loving you?" and answers it in a unique and beautiful way. It helps you see love in the drop of a flower petal, a streak of lightning or a dog barking in the distance. It also reminds us that love doesn't have to be hearts and candy from those nearby. It can be felt in the everyday moments of our lives. If You Listen, by Charlotte Zolotow, is an excellent book to share with a child who has a father serving overseas.

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