Friday, April 18, 2008

Mrs. Marlowe's Mice

It's National Library Week! Mrs. Marlowe's Mice happens to be one of many new books on our new books shelves! I have been reading this book to the children and they all seem to love it!
Mrs. Eleanor Marlowe is a quiet law-abiding citizen. She works at The Purrington Street Library, but at night she returns home to a family of mice. One day the Catland Security office shows up at her door and accuse her of harboring mice. "Me! A mouse-keeper?" she chuckles. "Why, that's ridiculous!" Can this crafty librarian outsmart the Catland Security Police and save her family of mice, or does she have a deeper, darker secret? Is Mrs. Marlowe the kindly mouse-sympathizer she appears, or is she really a well mannered monster with a sinister plan to fatten up her little friends and devour them one by one? You must read this tale to find out, and if you enjoy it, you might try Mr. Maxwell's Mouse by the same authors, Frank and Devin Asch. They are a father-son writing, illustrating and photography team. Together they have garnered many honors and star reviews.
I just know that you will enjoy their newest collaboration!

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