Monday, April 14, 2008

Noah's Ark Animals

Have you seen them? They're everywhere! Climbing the walls, flying through the air, slithering over the tops of bookcases, it's quite the menagerie! The animals from Noah's Ark are on display here in the Youth Services Department courtesy of the Kindergarten Classes at St. Ann school. Each student is assigned an animal and given a paper plate and must create that animal using the plate in some way. It's a wonderful opportunity for the students and their families to work on something together, share in it's development and take pride in the final project. Each animal is uniquely constructed using whatever medium the family and student choose. We have some done in felt, feathers, paper mache, recycled materials and of course, the paper plate is in there somewhere too! On a few of the animals it's a challenge to find the plate in the construction but you just have to search a little harder. Stop in to view the Noah's Ark Animals before they fly, crawl, stomp home next month and check out a book on your favorite animal or family craft projects!

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