Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get in the Game, READ!

When I was a kid my family went to the library every Saturday. I can remember looking at books in the adult section and hoping that "someday" soon I would be able to check them out. I was just a kid so they were too complicated for me. My section was down in the basement. And it was a real basement not just called that. My first story time was with a very tiny little lady who had very long hair in braids that she wrapped around her head. I think she was the oldest librarian on staff at the time. And I loved her very much. My dad once told me that I had a library card before I could even walk. That's how much my parents loved reading. And they passed on that passion to me. Now, here comes the moral of the story. I'm a reader because my parents were readers. I read everything with words on it. I read signs, notes, bookmarks, instructions, etc. I love to read. And I owe it all to my parents. And the second part of the moral is this, people who read get better grades. All it takes is 4 books read over the summer to keep a kids grade level up. Now think about that. If all it takes is 4 books, what would happen if you read more? You do the math. I'll be reading a book.

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