Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do you have a cassette player?

If you're like me, you might not find a cassette player around your house much anymore. Or your car--most cars have CD players lately. Now what does that mean for the age-old kits, or book and cassette combos we have here at the library?

Never fear--we're on it. We now have a new collection of books that come with CDs instead of cassettes, called ReadAlong books. These are the same as the kits-- when you check out the picture book it comes with an audio CD of the story that children can listen along to. Some even have a choice of audio with or without "page turn" signals (that magic little chime that tells you when to turn the page).

You'll find the ReadAlong collection at the end of the picture books, only a few feet away from the cassette kits. You can check out up to five at a time, and they're great for car trips or to just help the kids occupy themselves for half an hour.

And for the diehard cassette fans, don't worry. We will keep the kits of books and cassettes for a while still. But think about giving the CDs a try, okay?

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