Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Get in the Game

When I was a kid we played all kinds of games. We played board games, paper games, inside rainy day games, outside games, and games that we made up. One of my favorite games is and was Monopoly. When I was too little to play my Aunt Jan would move my piece and play the game for me. We would get together at my Granny's house with all the relatives and play killer monopoly.
Everybody played. So, I got to play too. My Aunt usually, not always, won. She was very good at that game. When I got older, I played with my neighborhood friends. We loved the game so much that we played for weeks at a time. We would leave the board all set up at Jody's house. After school we would gather for a round of monopoly. We really had to trust each other because we left all the pieces out, including the money. I don't remember who won. That wasn't the point of playing back then. We just wanted the game to go on and on because it was so much fun. Good games are like that. You can take an element of a game and make it last forever. You just need to get into the spirit of the thing and have fun. So, this summer, join us at the library and get in the game. We'll make some fun.

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