Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham

Everything can change in an instant.  That's what happens to 15 year old Jane Arrowood one day at the beach.  She goes into the ocean for a swim and a shark attacks her.  She awakes some time later in the hospital with her arm amputated below the elbow.  This novel is comprised of poems, letters, telephone conversations and newspaper clippings that Jane receives during the course of her recovery.  Jane's thoughts are also supplied in verse style - in haunted, depressed then eventually hopeful tones as the story goes on.  Jane receives a prosthetic arm but is still self-conscious of how she will be perceived once school starts.  Her relationships with friends and family become strained, which is something many teens can identify with.  What happens as one of the most popular, good-looking guys at school befriends her and helps her get around?  Is he just being nice or will they become more than friends?  This book is a Rebecca Caudill nominee that both junior high and high school students will enjoy.  Come check it out today!

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