Thursday, December 03, 2009

Book of the Month, J Fiction -- December 2009

Enola's mother has vanished, and on Enola's fourteenth birthday, no less. To help locate her mother, Enola enlists her two much-older brothers, brilliant detectives Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. But after the famous, long-absent brothers arrive at the country estate, the siblings discover that their mother's disappearance was likely a carefully planned escape. Convinced that Enola has had no proper role model, Mycroft and Sherlock insist on packing Enola off to boarding school; there, they assume, she will finally become a proper young woman. Too independent for that fate, Enola strikes out on her own: She slips away from the estate, disguises herself, and embarks on a daring trip to London to search for her mother. What she finds instead is a new mystery and possibly a new life and career for herself--if she can stay out of danger long enough.

This smart, fast-paced tale of a budding detective abounds with twists, puzzles, and intrigue. Enola's wit, humor, and sharp observations make for lively narration and show other characters in colorful detail.

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