Monday, May 03, 2010

Juvenile Book of the Month for May

The Trouble with Tink by Kiki Thorpe

Every fairy is Never Land has a special talent that sets them apart from the other faires. Tinker Bell's special talent is fixing things. No matter what is broken, Tinker Bell can fix it using her special tinker's hammer.

One day, while playing an extra-special game of tag, Tink loses her enchanted tinker's hammer. Now she can't fix things anymore. No matter where she goes, Tink hears all the other fairies talking about her because they think she has lost her talent.

There is good news for Tink because she does have a spare hammer. Unfortunately, she left it in Peter Pan's tree house and Tink hasn't spoken to him since he broke Wendy to Never Land.

Will Tink go back to an old friend to retrieve her special tinker's hammer in time to help fix the Queen Ree's broken bathtub and prove to all her fairy friends that she hasn't lost her talent?

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