Friday, July 02, 2010

July Juvenile Paper Back of the Month

Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute
Serving Justice And Serving Lunch!

Jarrett Krosoczka the Author of the Lunch Lady series has loved comics and graphic novels since he was a kid. On a visit back to his elementary school as a grown-up he sees the same lunch lady that had been there since he had been a student. This is where he got the idea for the Lunch Lady superhero series.
Hector, Terrence, and Dee have always wondered what their school lunch lady did when she wasn't dishing out the daily specials. Little do they know, Lunch Lady doesn't only serve sloppy-joes. . . she serves justice!
When a new substitute teacher shows up claiming that Mr. O'Connell the Math teacher is out sick today, something doesn't add up to Lunch Lady and her side-kick Betty. Mr. O'Connell has not been out sick once in twenty years. . . and so the adventure begins and Lunch Lady and Betty are out to solve the mystery. It looks like today's special is going to knuckle sandwich!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

July Book of the Month

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss

Sally and her brother are left home alone once again. This time, the children are left with the task of shoveling snow from the sidewalk. Their day turns from bored to hectic when that troublesome Cat in the Hat comes back again!

The Cat decides to take a bath while eating cake. Sally's brother ends his irresponsible fun, but the Cat in the Hat leaves a pink ring in the bathtub. The Cat in the Hat removes the spot but then it gets on their mother's dress. Every remedy the Cat in the Hat comes up with only spreads the spot to another item. With the help of his Helper Cats, the Cat in the Hat tries to clean up his mess before the children's mother comes home.

The Cat in the Hat is a classic story, stretching many generations. It is the favorite book of both adults and children. The Cat in the Hat teaches both cause and effect and the alphabet in a fun, memorable way.