Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Book of the Month: The Girl's Get Even by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

It’s the war as old as time itself, Boys vs. Girls. Wither your on the Hatford boy’s or the Malloy’s girl’s side, you have to admit the fun started in “The Boys Start The War” continue in this fast pace and funny follow up, “The Girl’s Get Even”. When a bet is put on the table, who will win the school’s Halloween contest, both sets of kids go on a no hold’s bar prank war against each other. Both sides fall victim to sabotage and pranks backfiring but both sides try very hard to win, because if not the losers have to become the winner’s “slaves” for a month! You can’t help but to read along as Caroline, Eddie, Beth, Jake, Josh and Wally battle it out with everything from stealing their rivals clothing and a very interesting encounter with a lizard!

Who wins the battle of Boys vs. Girls? You’ll have to read to find out.

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