Monday, November 29, 2010

Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.)

Junie B., First Grader is at it again. Junie B. and May will not leave each other alone and they are driving Mr. Scary, their teacher, crazy. Dear first-grade journal, winter break is the school word for I gotta get out of this place! May is driving JunieB. crazy with her tattling and to top that all off, Junie B. picks May's name for her Secret Santa gift. Maybe she should give May exactly what she deserves? Please come into the library and check out Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May.) and find out how this ends.

A Bargain for Frances, Dec. Picture Book of the Month

Frances the badger sets out for a play-date with her friend Thelma, but doesn't listen to Mother's advice to "be careful." Thelma convinces Frances to buy her plastic tea set, then goes to the store to buy the pretty, blue china tea set herself, the very same one that Frances dearly desires. Frances quickly realizes her friend tricked her and devises a plan to set things right and also re-establish their friendship on a more equal footing. A Bargain for Frances by Russell Hoban is a delightful "I Can Read" book for beginning readers with many more titles in the series to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Costume Contest

Photos from our contest are available! Thank you to all the Trick or Treaters that stopped by the library Saturday, October 30th! Winners will be called tomorrow.

November Picture Book of the Month

In Bob Shea's Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime, this young dinosaur is facing challenges at every turn: a giant pile of leaves, a big bowl of spaghetti, even huge yapping grownups! Dinosaur takes on everything--and wins! But wait . . . there's still one challenge left to the day: BEDTIME. Can dinosaur take a bath, get those pointy teeth brushed, and resist the urge to fall asleep? Find out who will win the ultimate bedtime challenge!

Not a book to read right before a nap, Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime shows kids how to handle things like a dinosaur, roaring all the way. Bob Shea's artwork keeps the story charging along up until the final roar.